Turkey Brine


Seasonal blend. Limited supply.



Mix entire contents of bag with 1 quart stock or broth.

Bring to boil then simmer for 10 min. Let cool, refrigerate until cold.

Combine liquid with a bottle of white wine in large stock pot or brining bag. Place turkey in liquid. Add enough cold water to cover turkey.

Brine for 24 hours. Cook as directed.


The Perfect Turkey Rub with Spice Junction Blends

½ cup     softened butter or olive oil

¼ cup      Poultry Pantry (or your favorite blend)

1 tbsp     Salty Pepper

1 tbsp     lemon or lime juice

3 clvs      crushed garlic

Mix all ingredients together. Let stand at room temperature 30 mins before rubbing turkey. Use any remaining rub to baste turkey during cooking. Adjust recipe for larger turkey.



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