Coconutty Curry

A complete curry seasoning. Blended with coconut milk, turmeric and a touch of peanut butter, this simple to use curry blend has it all. Earthy and slightly spicy with hints of fruitiness.

Ingredients: Coconut milk, ginger, coriander, turmeric, green scallion onion, peanut butter, onion, Kashmiri chili, garlic, cumin, white pepper, amchur, Hungarian paprika, black lemon, lemon, allspice, cardamom,  Saigon cinnamon, fenugreek seed, fennel, cayenne.

Coconutty Curry Blend 

  • Add to chicken broth for a delicious curry soup base.
  • Simply saut√© with veggies and chicken or shrimp. Add stock and simmer. For extra creaminess, add a can of coconut milk. Serve over rice.
  • Mix with mayo and olive oil for a zesty aioli sauce.
  • Blend with sour cream and mayo for a savory curry dip  for chips, fries, chicken strips and more.
  • Sprinkle on hot popcorn for an excellent snack

This blend is salt free. Add salt and pepper taste.

Contains peanuts.