Handcrafted Blends

Tasty Turf

A robust herbaceous blend for steaks and marinades. The aromatic herbs of fenugreek leaves and cilantro combined with fruity notes of sumac and lime makes this blend deliciously savory.

Everyday Blend

Due to its versatility, this blend is the favorite among users. Aromatic and fragrant flavors of shallots, sumac and amchur make this a great blend to use every day on everything!

Junction Heat

Junction Heat is a delicious, warm and spicy blend of red chili peppers from India to New Mexico, along with the rich flavors of clove, cumin and citrusy lime. Appreciate this blend for more than just “cooking”.

Cinnamon Harvest

The real “Baker’s Secret”. Why complicate a recipe? This blend has every spice you need to make all your favorite baked goods simply scrumptious.

Smokey Bear

Hickory smoke. Sweet honey. Mustard blend. As delicious as it sounds. Makes a flavorful sauce. For a yummy snack, mix with Chex mix or pretzels and bake.

Turkey Brine

A seasonal favorite! Celebrate the holidays with the juiciest and most flavorful turkey! Crafted with our own Poultry Pantry blend, Turkish bay leaves, and other savory spices, you will have the tastiest bird in town.

Poultry Pantry

A delicious blend for more than just poultry. The earthy flavors of turmeric and fenugreek seed along with citrus aromas of dried lemon and nutmeg give this blend superb flavor on just about anything.

Salty Pepper

Not just your ordinary salt and pepper! Pink Himalayan sea salt mixed with whole peppercorns that are cracked and ground fresh for each batch. Allspice and coriander give this blend wonderful warmth and zest.

Coconutty Curry

A complete curry seasoning. Blended with coconut milk, turmeric and a touch of peanut butter, this ready to use curry blend has it all. Earthy and spicy with slight notes of fruitiness. This blend is salt free. Contains peanuts.

Beeba Q

Tangy, sweet and heat! Use with or without oil on your meats before barbecuing. Also makes a great basting sauce. Toss with nuts then roast for a tasty snack.

Ginger Yaki

Warm and zesty ginger, savory earthy soy sauce, and our special citrus blend builds layers of flavor. Add to your burger meat before grilling. Enjoy the taste of summer – all year long.

Grilling Blends