About Spice Junction Blends

The Idea

Throughout decades in the kitchen, blending and mixing different herbs and spices seemed like second nature. What I did not realize was the connection of each individual herb or spice to their own culture. But, why do I have to cook certain foods or meals using that culture’s specific herbs and spices? So…why can’t I use an Asian spice with an Italian dish? Or a Middle Eastern spice, say… on fried chicken or in beef bourguignon? But wait… that’s French! And who says we can’t inter mix spices from different cultures together? Exactly! There are no rules in cooking. We cook to our own palate and eat what we think tastes good. Sure, this makes for non-traditional-style meals. But sometimes I just want to cook and eat the flavors that I feel like. Non-traditional. No specific culture. My own. My own made-up flavor.


After traveling to different countries, I began exploring and researching different cultures and their flavor profiles. It was clear why some spices paired better with others. I was inspired to experiment with herbs and spices that were unfamiliar to me.

Primarily relying on my culinary senses and taste buds; I began blending herbs and spices that were not traditionally used together. The wonderful discovery was that many of these blended superbly with one another without being tied to any specific culture, which created flavor profiles that were savory, delicious and sensational. I realized that all cultures should have the opportunity to savor and appreciate spices that are not traditionally on their day-to-day palate, and crafting a diverse blend of spices will help join culinary enthusiasts to the world.

My mission is to develop spice blends that create a junction to various cultures. Blends so diverse the culinary enthusiast will appreciate. Blends so simply prepared the novice will be able to spice up their life with ease. Blends so flavorful it will enhance your junction to spices.

Spice Junction Blends. Savoring flavor…one bite at a time.